RTF Evaluation Account

We have one of the fairest 2-Phase demo challenge, 8% , then 5% target. No Broker tricks, Zero Spread and Zero slippage.

The challenge is fully backed by an organization with a 10+ year history of private funding for prop firms and exchange dealers.

Winners receive a risk-managed STP broker account funded by non-winning challenge fees covering any drawdowns plus network funds to provide the margin for the account. Once the account is funded we have no interest or control over the brokers STP, ECN or Liquidity Providers, therefore we have no conflict of interest or derive any benefit from failure. So, we prefer to set evaluation parameters that correlate well with transitioning to real market success. Simply we let the best traders win, and we have the lowest possible fees due to this arrangement.

The first withdrawal is after the first 30 days and then 14 days.

We offer raw spreads and invite you to exploit the market and become our fund manager.

The 1-Step account we have is a single fee, fast-track evaluation for a real account. Just 6% target delivers a real account with unlimited payouts and account growth scaleable to over $1 million. No minimum trading days, earn a real account within the shortest time possible.